Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium


Dolphin Graveyard

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The Dolphin Graveyard

Our Best Kept Secret

You won't find this one on the park map, but it's in the southwest corner of the property by the service road

Former "Flipper" trainer Ric O'Barry turned us on to this one. Back in the 70s Ric buried quite a few "Flippers" back there.

The Flipper Lie
The truth is, dolphins don't live very long in captivity. So we do our best to keep it from the public eye. If you come to the park (which I don't advise, It's a serious waste of money) you will be introduced to "Flipper." The very same "Flipper" from the TV series? No. But we'll lead you to believe that. They used 7 "Flippers" in the show. They're all dead now.

Ric O'Barry former Seaquarium trainer
"We were carrying a dead dolphin back to bury it and I stopped to look around. There were no more places left to bury it."
Dead Dolphins

Here at the Seaquarium "Flipper" never dies. But the actors who play "Flipper" die all the time. Check out the figures.

Rare Photograph of typical stomach contents of a dead performing dolphin.

"There is as much educational benefit in studying dolphins in captivity as there would be in studying human beings by only observing prisoners in solitary confinement."
~Jacques Cousteau


Sealion at Miami Seaquarium

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