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Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium


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Lolita in chains at the Miami Attraction
The Miami Attraction / Theme Park Where we Turn Wild Animals Into Circus Clowns and We Do it with a Smile.

Celebrating 5o Years
of Captivity
50 Years of Abusement
50 Years of Encarceration
and Exploitation

Welcome to The Miami Seaprison, South Florida's Most Infamous Abusement Park.

Lolita alone at the Miami Marine Aquarium

The Real Seaquarium!

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Park Deemed Unsafe for public.
127 Safety and electrical Violations and 36 fire hazards.

Miami Aquarium Ric O'Barry and Flipper
The Miami Seaquarium is a run-down 3rd-rate park
that had it's heyday back in the 1960's when
NBC filmed the hit TV series, "Flipper" there.

While children and families across the nation
sat back and fell in love with the friendly dolphin
on their TV set, the Miami Seaquarium was, "
capturing and selling wild dolphins for $300 a
piece right off the Seaquarium boat.

The park sold hundreds to the Navy and other marine theme parks, completely depleting the dolphin population in Biscayne Bay." ~Ric O'Barry former "Flipper" trainer.

Just about the only dolphins you will find around Biscayne Bay now, belong to the Miami Seaquarium. That's right, and for $26.95 admission you too can pay to watch us work our dolphins to death. That's entertainment!

"I think they're on their 10th or 11th 'Flipper' by now," according to one former employee, but who's counting? We go through quite a few dolphins because the damn things keep dying before they reach their teens. (dolphin death chart Click here)We realize that they live between 40 and 70 years in the wild so, as you can imagine, it's pretty disappointing that they can't give us a few more years. However, we did find that if we keep naming the new dolphins "Flipper," the public never really knows any different. It's the 'Flipper' lie".

All this and more,
right here at the Miami Seaquarium...
or is it Seaprison?
You be the judge.

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Sea lion at Miami Seaquarium

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